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Curry Fan Set A - Spicy Selection. Discover an exquisite selection of ready-to-eat gourmet curries. 4 packs set (makes 4 meals)

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A must-have for those who crave the spicy aromatic flavors of curry with a twist of spices!

Discover an exquisite selection of ready-to-eat curries that bring the authentic flavors of Japan and Asia fusion right to your table. These four delectable curry options offer a diverse range of tastes and spiciness levels to satisfy every palate. Elevate your dining experience with these diverse, no-compromise curry options that cater to various palates, all while ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in every bite.

Tomorrow's Curry
Savor the fiery delight of our retort-packed curry that packs a serious punch of spiciness. Perfect for those who crave a daily dose of heat, it expertly replicates the mouthwatering taste of day-old curry, ensuring you'll want to indulge in it again and again.

TIKI Spice MAX Chicken Curry
Immerse yourself in the incredible taste of TIKI's back-alley curry, a once-impossible dream now available in a convenient retort pack. This spicy, dry curry features succulent chicken and the bold kick of a whole super-spicy green chili pepper from Thailand. You'll love its authenticity and the fact that it contains no preservatives or chemical seasonings.

Karna Pina Chicken Curry
Prepare for an explosion of flavor as intense spiciness mingles with the sweetness of a tomato and onion base, enriched with the creamy depth of yogurt and an aromatic blend of spices. There are no chemical seasonings or flour in this delightful curry.

KING CURRY Beef Nahari
Unearth the secret blend of spices and the slow-cooked, mouthwatering flavor of beef in this ultimate beef curry, also known as nihari. With a special garam masala sachet included, you can customize the spiciness to your liking. As with our other curries, rest assured that no chemical seasonings are used in this culinary masterpiece.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Détails des produits

[Tomorrow's Curry ]
Vegetables (onions, potatoes, carrots) (domestic), pork, curry roux (pork fat, flour, sugar, salt, starch, curry powder, etc.), processed chili peppers, edible blended oil, chili peppers, paprika, curry powder, skim milk powder /Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel color, acidulant, flavoring, (contains milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans, chicken, banana, pork, apple)

[TIKI Spice MAX Chicken Curry]
Chicken, vegetables (onions, garlic, ginger), chicken bouillon, edible blended oil, fermented milk, Onion extract, cashew nuts, tomato puree, chili pepper, fruit spread, salt, black pepper, garam masala, coriander, chili powder, sugar, granulated soup base, oyster sauce, cumin, cloves, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon star anise, Laurel, (contains milk ingredients, cashew nuts, chicken, pork, and apples in part)

[Karna Pina Chicken curry]
Chicken, onion, tomato puree, edible rapeseed oil, fermented milk, cumin, salt, chili pepper, onion extract, peanuts , coriander, cashew nuts, cardamom, paprika, cinnamon, butter, turmeric, black pepper, chili powder, granulated soup base, cloves, fennel seeds, ginger powder, garlic powder, garam masala, kasuri methi, fenugreek, laurel, (some (Contains milk ingredients, peanuts, cashew nuts, chicken, and pork)

[Beef Nahari]
Beef (produced in America), vegetables (onions, ginger, garlic), tomato puree, fermented milk, edible rapeseed oil, chili pepper, salt, spice mix, onion extract, garam masala, coriander, starch, cumin, ginger Powder, turmeric, (contains some milk and beef)

■ Set contents: 4-piece set
■ Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■Preservation method: Store at room temperature
■Delivery method: Ship by normal temperature service
■Product number: Yset-0032 (36cos-0764, 36cos-0238, 36cos-0702, 36cos-0412)
■ Expiration date: 4 months or more from the date of purchase