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Curry Fan Set C - Kima Selection. The Most Exquisite Gourmet Selection. 5 Packs (makes 5 meals)

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Experience the umami of Japanese keema curry!

While Japanese curry is quite popular worldwide, its variation of keema isn't as well known outside Japan. We have prepared a set of 5 different flavors to introduce you to a new culinary experience.

Chicken and Black Soy Beans Keema 
A curry unique to Tamba, wrapped in fragrant spices, it  uses locally raised chicken "Tamba black chicken" and Tamba black soybeans. Enjoy the rich and mellow spiciness of this luxurious keema curry, which is accented by the taste and tenderness of the chicken and the texture of black soybeans.

Iwakuni Keema Curry 
Based on a local recipe that was invented at the Iwakuni Maritime Self-Defense Force, is includes lotus root, a special product of Iwakuni City, and minced beef and pork. The end result is a creamy kima curry with a mild flavor full of umami or a tangy spicy.

Matsusaka Wagyu Black Keema Curry 
Rich keema curry made by simmering coarsely ground Matsusaka beef in black curry sauce.

Roasted Masala Pork Keema Curry 
the characteristic aroma of spices roasted are enhanced by the condensed flavor of coarsely ground pork. This brown keema curry reproduces the spice recipes from local kitchen in India with a touch of Japan in a retort curry.

Okinawa Brown Sugar Keema Curry
Chicken keema curry from Okinawa's popular curry restaurant "Ajitoya", which won the Naha Curry Grand Prix, is now available in retort pouches! Made with pure brown sugar from Tarama Island in Okinawa, and finished with Ajito and original spices from Sri Lanka.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

[Chicken and Black Soy Beans keema]
Chicken (domestic), vegetables (onion, carrot, ginger), black soybean, lard, wheat flour, sautéed onion, chicken bouillon, tomato ketchup, chutney, edible rapeseed oil, tomato paste, apple puree, sugar, curry powder, soy sauce, spices, Salt, chicken extract, fond de baud, yeast extract/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, acidulant, (contains wheat, beef, soybeans, chicken, and apples)
[Iwakuni Keema Curry ]
Meat (beef, Yamaguchi Kano farm pork), curry roux, grilled meat sauce, sugar, vegetable oil, chutney, spices, red wine, chicken bouillon, Worcestershire sauce, curry powder, Yamaguchi honey (natural honey - Tsukamoto apiary), Butter, instant coffee/thickener (processed starch), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, acidulant, sweetener (licorice), (partially contains wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, beef, pork, chicken, apples・Contains gelatin and sesame)
[Matsusaka Wagyu Black Keema Curry]
Ground beef (from Mie prefecture), curry roux, sautéed onions, wheat flour, edible oil, meat extract, honey, curry powder, bouillon flavor powder, sugar, starch, salt, spices/caramel coloring, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), squid Colors, flavors, acidulants, spice extracts, (partially contains wheat, milk ingredients, squid, beef, soybeans, chicken, pork)
[Okinawa brown sugar chicken curry keema cream]
Onion (domestic), chicken (domestic), fresh cream (contains milk), diced tomatoes, brown sugar (sugar cane, produced in Tarama Island, Okinawa), spices (turmeric, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, etc.), chicken oil, soy sauce (contains soybeans and wheat), chicken consommé (contains milk ingredients), salt/acidulant
[Roasted Masala Pork Keema ]
Pork (domestic), sautéed onion, rapeseed oil, spices, fried onion, tomato puree, ginger paste, tomato paste, garlic paste, tamarind, salt, (contains chicken)

■ Set contents: 5-piece set
■ Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■Preservation method: Store at room temperature
■Delivery method: Ship by normal temperature service
■Product number: Yset-0015
■ Expiration date: 4 months or more from the date of purchase