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Meat Tasting Set C - Japanese Premium Beef Selection. Delight in the most luxurious canned meat set

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Savor Japan premium meats gourmet selection

Introducing our exquisite selection of premium Japanese canned beef - a true culinary masterpiece crafted with precision and care. Sourced from the finest Japanese cattle, renowned for their exceptional marbling and tenderness, our canned beef promises a gourmet experience like no other. Each succulent bite is a testament to the rich heritage of Japanese culinary excellence, offering you a taste of the world-famous Wagyu beef in a convenient, shelf-stable package. Elevate your dining experience and savor the unmatched flavor, quality, and convenience of our premium Japanese canned beef.

Hokkaido Sweet and Spicy Beef
Tempt your taste buds with lean, highly-nutritious thigh meat delicately sliced to a delightful 6mm thickness. This meat undergoes an overnight marination in a soy sauce-based sweet and spicy blend, ensuring the infusion of rich flavors.

Beef Short Ribs Kalbi

Introducing our exquisite kalbi Delight, a culinary masterpiece crafted with precision and passion. Sourced from the finest quality short ribs, specifically the belly meat, we take pride in presenting a gastronomic experience that transcends ordinary dining. Our.

Beef stewed in Red Wine Sauce
This beef dish is slow-simmered in a sauce crafted by reducing red wine to a level that can only be described as "rich and flavorful." So delicious, it feels almost unjust to serve it as a mere appetizer. Its red wine sauce perfectly complements a side of thinly sliced bread or similar accompaniments, enhancing the experience.

Rich Beef Stew
Immerse yourself in the essence of locally-sourced beef, simmered affectionately in a sumptuous beef stew sauce. This canned delight places the spotlight on the meat, delivering a concentrated umami experience brimming with hearty goodness.

Skirt Steak Sukiyaki
Savor a Sukiyaki masterpiece featuring tender and succulent skirt steak. Enhanced with konjac, shiitake mushrooms, and quail eggs, this authentic Japanese sukiyaki can be relished with minimal effort - simply warm it up and enjoy a symphony of flavors.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

[Beef Kalbi]
Beef belly, sugar, soy sauce, gochujang, sesame oil, potato starch, white sesame, garlic, ginger, salt/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickener (xanthan gum), (some of the beef and ( Contains wheat and soybeans)

[Beef stewed in Red Wine Sauce]
Beef heart , wine, demi-glace sauce, onion, shimeji mushroom, black pepper, blueberry, strawberry jam

[Rich Beef Stew]
Beef (domestic), tomato ketchup, beef stew roux (contains milk ingredients, wheat flour, soybeans), wheat flour, lard, beef extract (contains wheat, soybeans), Worcestershire sauce (contains soybeans, apples), sugar, red wine (contains gelatin) ), onion paste (including milk ingredients, wheat, and soybeans), garlic paste, salt, butter, vegetable protein (including soybeans), spices/seasonings (amino acids, etc.: derived from soybeans), coloring (caramel), Flavouring, thickener (tamarind), spice extract

[Hokkaido Sweet and Spicy Beef]
Beef , sugar, soy sauce, potato starch, ginger, salt/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickener (xanthan gum), (contains wheat and soybean[Skirt Steak]Skirt Steak]
Beef, konnyaku konnyaku, dried shiitake mushrooms, quail eggs/soy sauce, mirin, sugar, seasonings (amino acids), (contains wheat, egg, and milk ingredients in part)

■ Set contents: 6-piece set
■ Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■ Storage method: Store at room temperature
■ Delivery method: Ship by normal temperature mail
■ Product number: Yset-0016 (HBK-14623-E01, SHKB-31235-E01, SAIS-80169,CLBR-30498-E01,SNKS-4847,YSZ-000146-E01
■ Expiration date: 4 months or more from the date of purchase