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Ramen Tasting Set F - Healthy Selection. Enjoy a Nourishing Japanese Ramen Bowl Guilt-Free! Air-dried Healthy noodles. 6 packs (makes 6 meals)

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Can you eat ramen everyday? This super healthy air dried ramen for sure!! 

''Taiyumen'' are a healthy air dried ramen noodle made by ''Torishi Shoten'', which was founded in 1919. Both the noodles and soup are made using only plant-based ingredients. No chemical seasonings, synthetic colorants, or synthetic preservatives are used. These noodles have a smooth texture and are made using the Fukuoka Prefecture branded wheat ''Ramugi'', and are made with domestically produced konnyaku flour instead of the traditional calcined calcium.
●Uses Fukuoka prefecture brand wheat "Ramugi"
●Uses Okinawan salt
●No Alkaline solutions (Lye water)
●Non-fried noodles (aged for about 60 hours)
●No chemical seasonings
●No synthetic coloring agents
●No synthetic preservatives

Shoyu Sauce x Ginger Soup
This rich soy sauce soup is made using domestically sourced whole soybeans as a base, with the addition of ginger to provide an accent to the flavorful soy sauce soup infused with the essence of Chinese cabbage and kelp.

Miso x Sesame Soup
Based on the smooth and flavorful rice miso, this rich miso ramen soup is prepared by blending ground sesame and sesame oil, adjusting the taste with domestically sourced whole soybeans' brewed thick soy sauce and Chinese cabbage extract. It is accentuated with red pepper and black pepper. The sugar used is 100% Hanami sugar made from 100% domestically grown sugarcane..

Salt x Yuzu Soup
Using Okinawan salt (Shimamars) as the base and enhancing the flavor with Chinese cabbage and kelp, this salt soup uses 100% Hanami sugar* and is infused with the refreshing aroma of yuzu, offering a delightful and refreshing taste.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

【Soy Sauce × Ginger】
Noodles: Wheat flour (domestic), salt, konjac flour
Attached Seasoning: Soy sauce, yeast extract, salt, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, sugar, Chinese cabbage extract, kelp powder, ginger powder, (contains wheat, soy, and sesame in some parts)

【Miso × Sesame】
Noodles: Wheat flour (domestic), salt, konjac flour
Attached Seasoning: Miso, ground sesame, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, yeast extract, sugar, Chinese cabbage extract, starch, red pepper powder, black pepper powder, (contains wheat, soy, and sesame in some parts)

【Salt × Yuzu】
Noodles: Wheat flour (domestic), salt, konjac flour
Attached Seasoning: Salt, rapeseed oil, yeast extract, sugar, Chinese cabbage extract, yuzu juice, kelp extract, starch, yuzu peel powder, (contains wheat in some parts)
■Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■Storage method: Store at room temperature
■Delivery method: Shipped by normal temperature mail
■Product number: Yset-0024 (TORS-0008*2, TORS-0015*2, TORS-0022*2)
■Expiration date: 3 months or more from the date of purchase