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Japanese Ramen Tonkotsu Flavor Soup

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Tonkotsu ramen, considered by many Japan's most popular flavor 

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, a culinary masterpiece crafted with passion and tradition.
Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Japan with our meticulously prepared dish that showcases the artistry of traditional Hakata-style ramen.

At the heart of our culinary creation is the use of premium domestic pork, carefully selected for its quality and flavor profile. The soul of our ramen lies in the rich and savory broth, where the succulent meat, robust backbone, and flavorful ribs are expertly simmered for over 8 hours. This slow-cooking process extracts every nuance of goodness from the ingredients, resulting in a broth that is nothing short of sublime.

To elevate the taste to perfection, we add natural salt in precise measure, striking a delicate balance that gives our Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen its distinctive richness and lightness. The result is a harmonious symphony of flavors that dance on your palate, transporting you to the bustling streets of Hakata, Japan.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

Noodles [wheat flour (domestic wheat flour), wheat protein, salt, baked calcium, unbaked calcium]
Attached seasonings [pork extract, chicken extract, lard, salt, soy sauce, sugar, yeast extract,
rapeseed oil, rapeseed oil, pepper powder, onion powder, garlic powder],
(Contains wheat, soybeans, chicken, pork, and sesame)

■ Set contents: 1 piece set
■Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■Storage method: Store at room temperature
■Delivery method: Shipped by normal temperature mail
■Product number: TORS-0010
■Expiration date: 3 months or more from the date of purchase