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Ramen Fan Set E - Chicken selection. Premium noodles set from Japan. 4 packs (makes 6 meals)

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Chicken Lover's Delight: Ramen Edition! 

A luxurious ramen set consisting of five different chicken flavors offers a delightful and diverse culinary experience centered around the rich and savory taste of chicken. Each bowl of ramen in this set showcases a unique preparation and combination of ingredients to highlight the versatility of chicken in Japanese cuisine.

Torichuka Chicken Ramen
This is a dish that originated in the Yamagata area of Japan, it  is popularly know as "ramen born from a soba restaurant". The noodles are combined with a soba soup that mixes the umami of soy sauce and chicken. 

Hakata Chicken Mizutaki Ramen
Fukuoka's branded chicken "Hakata Jidori" is made with gamecock, the most delicious among domestic native breeds. This is a ramen dish full of umami and combined with very thin noodles that go smoothly with the Hakata chicken mizutaki soup.

Hakata Chicken Ramen

It's a dish that combines Hakata-style chicken broth with flat, thick noodles, creating a simmered noodle dish. This dish is known for its gentle and rich flavors, and it captures the savory essence of Kagoshima's chicken, making it a truly delightful and appealing specialty.

Hinai Chicken Ramen
There ramen noodles are carefully prepared using mineral-rich water sourced from the Ou mountains, and we add a touch of calcium from eggshells to create a truly unadulterated ramen that highlights the natural wheat texture. Our soup is lovingly crafted from locally sourced chickens and fresh vegetables, ensuring a delightful and authentic flavor experience.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

【Tori Chinese noodles】
Noodles: Wheat flour, salt, Kansui, gardenia pigment
Added Seasonings: Soy sauce, sugar, chicken extract, protein hydrolyzate, salt, animal fat, bonito flakes extract, kelp extract, starch, onion, green onion extract, yes. Bonito extract, kelp, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, caramel color, antioxidants (rosemary extract, vitamin E), (some of the raw materials include wheat, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, and pork)

【Hakata chicken mizutaki ramen】
Noodles: Wheat flour (domestic production), edible eggshell powder, salt/alcohol, gardenia pigment, (contains wheat and eggs in part)
Seasoning soup: Salt (domestic production), sugars (starch syrup, glucose, sugar), rapeseed oil, chicken extract, fermented seasonings, yeast extract, garlic, seafood extract, onion extract, pepper/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (1) (Contains chicken)

■ Set contents: 5-piece set
■Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■Storage method: Store at room temperature
■Delivery method: Shipped by normal temperature mail
■Product number: Yset-0029 (OGSW-4127, KBYS-1910, TORS-0034, MIUR-1423, OGSW-3960)
■Expiration date: 3 months or more from the date of purchase