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Wagyu and Beef Deluxe Selection - Experience the most Luxurious Japanese canned food

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Japanese meat special gourmet selection

Indulge in an exquisite assortment of Japanese premium meats. Savor the finest Japanese canned meats that require no cooking – they're ready to delight your palate and transform your favorite side dishes into gourmet masterpieces within moments.

Wagyu Steak

Sourced from the finest Wagyu beef, renowned for its unparalleled marbling and tenderness, each succulent slice offers a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Sealed for freshness, convenience, and preservation of its premium quality, this gourmet delight is perfect for on-the-go indulgence, picnics, or a luxurious meal at home. Elevate your dining experience with the rich flavors and unmatched quality of our canned Japanese Wagyu Steak.

Sendai Premium Corned Beef

Introducing "Sendai Beef Additive-Free Corned Beef," a premium culinary delight crafted from 100% Sendai beef, renowned for its superior quality. Our corned beef is sourced exclusively from Sendai beef, a brand known for its top-grade meat quality, limited to grade 5 and marbling grade 8 or higher.

Unlike traditional corned beef varieties, our product contains no added spices. We rely solely on high-quality salt to enhance the natural flavors of the succulent Sendai beef. Indulge in the rich, original taste of moist Sendai beef, free from artificial additives.

Wagyu Burger in Demi-glace Sauce

This gourmet delight is a testament to the unparalleled quality of Matsusaka beef, renowned for its A5 rank and sumptuous marbling.

Our Wagyu Hamburger is meticulously coarsely ground and delicately handled, ensuring that each bite retains the natural texture and richness of Matsusaka beef. Every primary ingredient, from the succulent meat to the crisp vegetables, is sourced domestically to guarantee freshness and authenticity.

Beef Skirt Stake Harami
Introducing our exquisite Japanese-Style Skirt Steak, a culinary masterpiece that begins with the finest quality skirt steak processed using the revered Japanese high-class cooking technique. We meticulously remove any undesirable elements, ensuring a pure and pristine taste that will elevate your dining experience.

Miyazaki Premium Beef Shigure Stew

Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience with our exquisite Beef Sigure Stew, crafted with the finest Miyazaki beef. Savor the unparalleled tenderness of A4 and A5 rank beef, expertly combined with the earthy notes of burdock root and the savory richness of maitake mushrooms. Infused with dashi soy sauce and flavorful domestic ginger, each spoonful bursts with a symphony of flavors, delivering a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that's both luxurious and comforting.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

[Wagyu Steak]
Beef (domestic), kingfish soy sauce, sugar, mirin, fermented seasoning, apple juice, protein hydrolyzate, beef extract seasoning, black pepper/thickener (chitansan gum) Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (contains wheat, beef, pork, soybeans, and apples in part)

[Sendai Premium Corned Beef]
Beef (Sendai beef from Miyagi prefecture), beef tallow, salt

[Miyazaki Beef shigure stew]
Beef (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), fermented seasoning, burdock root, maitake mushroom, ginger, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, flavor seasoning (salt, sugar (lactose, sugar), flavor ingredients (bonito powder, bonito extract), yeast extract ) / pH adjuster, antioxidant (VC), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), (partially contains milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans, and beef)

[Hamburger boiled in Japanese sauce]
Hamburger ingredients: pork (domestic), beef (domestic), onions, bread crumbs, others
Japanese-style sauce ingredients: soy sauce, onion, sugar, sake, others / PH adjuster
Allergens: wheat, eggs, pork, beef, soybeans, apples

[Japanese Beef Skirt Stake Harami]
Beef skirt steak, sugar, soy sauce, gochujang, sesame oil, potato starch, white sesame, garlic, ginger, salt/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickener (xanthan gum), (Contains beef, wheat, and soybeans in part)

■ Set contents: 5-piece set
■ Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■ Storage method: Store at room temperature
■ Delivery method: Ship by normal temperature mail
■ Product number: Yset-0016

■ Expiration date: 4 months or more from the date of purchase