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Premium Japanese Wagyu and Beef Lovers Pack - Japanese Luxurious gourmet canned food and curry

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Japanese canned meat special gourmet selection

Discover a tantalizing assortment of Japanese canned meats, featuring the choicest cuts sourced from Japan's finest meat selections. Savor the essence of time-honored recipes expertly prepared with:

Stewed Kobe Beef
Savor the exquisite 100% "Kobe beef," Japan's premier wagyu beef, celebrated worldwide for its deep flavor, fine texture, elegant sweetness, and the rich aroma of its fat. This stew embodies the essence of this renowned beef.

Hokkaido Black Wagyu Beef Curry
Delight in a curry that strikes a harmonious chord between umami and spiciness, accentuating the exquisite qualities of Furano Wagyu beef.

Saga Ground Beef Curry

Indulge in a sumptuous beef curry meticulously crafted using an abundance of Saga's premium ground beef, celebrated for its Japanese beef excellence. This dish artfully blends the succulent beef with the sweetness of onions and the tanginess of tomatoes, achieving a harmonious balance of flavors.

Meister Pork Hamburger
Experience the classic pork hamburger steak, meticulously handcrafted using 100% Kagoshima Prefecture pork, enhanced by a luxurious bouillon derived from the slow simmering of Hokkaido beef bones, beef tendon, and chicken bones. This delectable creation is elevated with a demi-glace sauce, enriched by the addition of red wine for an extra layer of flavor and depth.

Hokkaido Sweet and Spicy Beef
Satisfy your palate with low-fat, highly nutritious thigh meat sliced to a satisfying 6mm thickness. This meat is marinated overnight in a soy sauce-based sweet and spicy sauce, allowing the flavors to penetrate thoroughly.

Dojima Mild Beef Curry
This curry is expertly spiced and enhanced with carefully selected fruits to bring out its richness and flavor. It offers a medium level of spiciness to cater to a wide range of palates.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

[Meister pork hamburger]
Pork (from Kagoshima Prefecture), onions, binders (eggs, breadcrumbs, starch), pork fat, tomato ketchup, salt, spices/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sauces (demiglace (beef bouillon, chicken bones, beef, onions, etc.) ), sauteed onions, chicken bouillon, tomato puree, wine, sautéed mixed vegetables, tomato paste, beef extract, brown roux, cream, sugar, chicken consommé powder, butter, seasoning powder, garlic paste, vegetable bouillon powder, milk, etc. Food ingredients, spices/coloring agents (caramel, anthocyanin, carotene), thickeners (modified starch), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), fragrances, acidulants), (some eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, beef)・Including soybeans, chicken, and pork)
[Hokkaido black beef curry]
Meat, etc. (beef (from Hokkaido), beef tallow), bouillon, curry roux, onion saute, butter, stir-fried vegetable paste, fond de veau, beet molasses, pork extract, chutney, concentrated apple paste, tomato ketchup, spices, ginger paste, garlic paste/ Caramel color, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, fragrance, (partially contains milk ingredients, wheat, beef, soybeans, chicken, pork, apples, bananas, sesame)
[Kobe beef shigureni]
Beef (Hyogo Prefecture), soy sauce, fermented rice seasoning, ginger, sugar, yeast extract, (contains some wheat, beef, and soybeans)
[Saga ground beef curry]
Saga prefecture pork (domestic)) solid tomatoes, sautéed onions (made in Japan), boiled mushrooms, chicken extract, vegetable oil, curry roux, spices, flour, apple puree, tomato ketchup, chutney, butter , beef seasoning extract, Worcestershire sauce, curry powder, salt, fresh cream, grated garlic products, ginger, bouillon, chicken seasoning powder/coloring (caramel), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, spice extract, flavoring, (Contains wheat, milk ingredients, beef, soybeans, chicken, bananas, pork, and apples)
[Hokkaido Sweet and Spicy Beef]
Beef (from Hokkaido), soy sauce, sugar, reduced starch syrup, agar/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sodium bicarbonate, (partially contains beef, wheat, and soybeans)
[Dojima beef mild curry]
Onion, beef, curry roux (edible oil, flour, curry powder, sugar, salt, etc.), apple puree, beef paste, chutney, sugar, curry powder, banana, garlic, soy sauce, sugar/isomerized liquid sugar, carrot, plant Fats and oils, wheat flour, butter, animal fats and oils, ginger, spices, yeast extract powder, salt, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel coloring, acidulants, spice extracts, flavors

■ Set contents: 6-piece set
■ Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■ Storage method: Store at room temperature
■ Delivery method: Ship by normal temperature mail
■ Product number: Yset-0007
■ Expiration date: 4 months or more from the date of purchase