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Why become an affiliate?

Why become an affiliate?


How much commission will I earn?

We offer 10% commission on each order. We do not offer any kind of yearly subscription therefore for each order your community makes using your link you will get rewarded! Our products start at 49.99 USD with shipping included, therefore the minimum amount you can earn is 4.99 USD per order, with no limits!!


 Amount per order 49.99 USD ~ 79.99 USD
Commision 10% 4.99 USD ~ 7.99 USD (per order)
Daily conversions 10
Daily income 49.99 USD ~ 79.99 USD
Monthly income 1,499 USD ~ 2,399 USD



Frequently Asked Questions 

 How does it work?

We calculate your compensation by using your unique affiliate link. Once a member of your community access our store using it, each order commission will be automatically be credited to you.

How can I track my commission?

You will be provided with access to a dashboard where you can check in real time how many member used your link, how many conversions where made and your earnings. 

How do I get paid?

We realize affiliate payments by Paypal or bank transfer. 

How do I join?

Just click on the register button down below. You can also send as an email to, DM us at @yamitsuki_g on Instagram or a message though our store chat and we will reply you in no time!

How is the process?

We will make an account so you can log in and access your dashboard and send you an unique link. You can check on your dashboard in real time how many of your members access the website, how many conversions were made and your earnings!