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The most popular Japanese dishes among tourists

The most popular Japanese dishes among tourists

Japan is one of the best countries for food in the world. While Japanese sushi is undoubtedly the most popular Japanese dish, Japan offers a wide variety of healthy cuisine with plenty of exotic flavors.

If you are planning on travelling to Japan for the first time, these foods might be worth trying for sure!

1) Sushi

A very well know Japanese dish, sushi is widely available. Traditional Japanese sushi uses rice seasoned with vinegar and sugar, topped with an incredible variety of seafood. The moist popular among tourists is undoubtedly salmon and  tuna due to its soft taste, but I would strongly recommend not missing squid or unagi topped sushi!


2) Ramen

While some say its roots are in China, ramen is undoubtedly a very popular Japanese dish. There are many places in Japan that offer Ramen, from cheap places to high class restaurants. Its a dish that can be particularly cheap or expensive depending on the place, so its worth checking prices and the menu beforehand. Once the noodles are eaten, it is possible to order just extra noodles for a top up at a very cheap price.


3) Tempura

While fried food might not be the healthiest option, Japanese tempura offers a wide variety of fried vegetables and seafood. Tempura is usually enjoyed by itself dipping it in sauce, but can also be added to ramen or curry dishes!


4) Japanese Curry

Japanese curry usually has a thicker texture and its taste is sweeter compared to Thai or Indian curry. Its usually accompanied with meat or pork, but sometimes it also incorporates tempura or other ingredients as a topping. Japanese curry is mostly served with white rice, but there are version of ramen that incorporate curry as soup too. Check our curry selection.


5) Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a popular dish in Izakayas (Japanese bars). It is usually enjoyed as a side dish or snack too. It is a savory pankake made from flour and eggs, can incorporates a wide variety of ingredients, such as cabbage and seafood. It is topped with a sweet sauce and mayonnaise. Check our canned okonomiyaki!.



7) Yakitori

Yakitori is skewed meat, grilled with sauce. The most popular meat used is chicken as its quick and easy to cook. Yakitori is mostly enjoyed in Izakaya with beer as its a very easy to eat bar food.We have flammed grilled yakitori that can be enjoyed out of the can, check it here>.


8) Yakiniku

Yakiniku is Japanese style barbecue. It is famous for its high quality of meat cuts, like wagyu. Grilled meat is a staple dish in many countries and Japan is no exception. The meat is usually dipped in sauce before eating it, and the yakiniku variety of sauces is also very wide and can accommodate any particular taste!

9) Takoyaki

Takoyaki are made with chopped octopus, cabbage and batter. They are cooked in special molds that gives them a small ball shape. Very popular in bars, are usually topped with sweet sauce and mayonnaise.


10) Dashimaki (Japanese Omelet)

 The main difference of Dashimaki is that is made by mixing beaten eggs with soup stock and frying them. Due to this their texture is very juicy and easy to eat. They can be eaten as snack, enjoyed with beer or incorporated as a side dish making them a very versatile option.



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