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Japanese Shyo Ramen Itoshima Red Sea Bream - makes 2 meals

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A true delicacy for those who appreciate the art of extraordinary ramen

Itoshima Natural Red Sea Bream Salt Ramen, a culinary marvel that transports you to the heart of Itoshima City, Fukuoka with every savory slurp. Savor the essence of authentic Japanese cuisine as we bring you a bowl of pure delight, meticulously crafted for the discerning palate.

At the core of this gastronomic masterpiece is the rich and flavorful broth, a symphony of taste derived from the finest wild red sea bream. The essence of the sea bream is carefully extracted from grilled bones, a process that eschews artificial seasonings, resulting in a broth that is both robust and delicately balanced. The natural saltiness of the sea bream infuses the broth with a heavenly flavor profile that stands out on its own – a true treat for the taste buds.

Complementing the exquisite broth are the noodles, a testament to the artistry of Nagao Seimen, with over two centuries of dedication to perfecting their craft. These noodles, born from time-honored techniques, boast a velvety, springy texture that is unparalleled. Each bite is a celebration of tradition and quality, ensuring a genuine and unforgettable ramen experience.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details

Noodles: Wheat flour (domestic production), edible eggshell powder, salt/alcohol, gardenia pigment, (contains wheat and eggs in part)
Seasoning soup: Salt (domestic production), sugars (starch syrup, glucose, sugar), rapeseed oil, chicken extract, fermented seasonings, yeast extract, garlic, seafood extract, onion extract, pepper/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (1) (Contains chicken)

■ Set contents: 1 piece set
■Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■Storage method: Store at room temperature
■Delivery method: Shipped by normal temperature mail
■Product number: TAIS-3295
■Expiration date: 3 months or more from the date of purchase