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FREE SHIPPING - Promotion ends 12/31

Curry Tasting Set D - Finest Japanese Vegetable Selection. 5 packs set (makes 5 meals)

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Experience the umami of Japanese vegetables and curry anytime!

Enjoy This assortment of Japanese curries with vegetables as main ingredient. It has curries from different parts of Japan, each following a different traditional recipe and locally source ingredients.

Tomato Curry
This curry uses gourmet tomatoes from Kitamoto City, characterized for its sweetness and juiciness. The result is a very mild curry full of flavor and rich texture that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike!

Golden Crescent Moon Curry
This curry uses the sweet corn "Kimihime" paste for the curry roux. The characteristic of it are the sweetness of sweet corn paste mixed with its original curry spices in a very well-balanced recipe! It is a “slightly spicy” authentic curry with a hint of spice in the sweetness.

Vegetarian Macrobiotic Curry
This curry does not use any animal ingredients. The vegetables included are full of nutrients and macrobiotics that make it the perfect meal to detox your body!

Hakone Seiroku Mishima Vegetable Premium Curry
The finest potatoes brand, Mishima,  are used for with carrots and onions, and also includes Hakone Seiroku beef, well known in Japan for its tenderness.
The refreshing umami and richness of the vegetables complements perfectly the spices of the curry and juiciness of the beef..

Fukaura snow carrot curry
Experience the flavor of this nutritious snow carrot. It uses large cuts "Fukaura snow carrots" and carrot paste. While it includes flavorful spices, it results in a mild curry that allows you to feel the gentle sweetness of snow carrots. 

Product Details

[Kitamoto tomato curry]
Vegetables (onion (domestic), tomato (produced in Kitamoto City), garlic), tomato puree, meat (pork, lard), boiled carrot, sautéed onion, mirepoix, roasted flour, rapeseed oil, beef extract, sugar, curry Flour, granular vegetable protein, Worcestershire sauce, spices, salt/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, (contains wheat, milk ingredients, beef, soybeans, pork, and apples)
[Golden crescent moon curry]
Vacuum corn (sweet corn (USA), salt), soy milk, powdered fat (palm oil, corn syrup), corn paste (corn (produced in Yamanashi Prefecture)), minced chicken, sauteed onion (onion, edible oil), wheat flour, Coconut milk powder, butter, edible oil, sugar, whole milk powder, chicken extract, spices, salt, cheese, consommé, starch/thickener (processed starch), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), spice extract, acidulant, fragrance , (partially contains wheat, milk, sesame, soybeans, chicken, and pork)
[Vegetable whole macrobiotic curry]
[Porridge with ginseng chicken soup]
Free-range chicken (Kyoto), onion, brown rice (Kyoto), Kujo green onion, sweet potato, ginger, garlic, domestically produced salt, pine nuts, Chinese wolfberry
[Macrobi Curry]
Organic tomato pickled in juice (organic tomato, organic tomato juice), cabbage, onion, carrot, radish, apple, soy sauce, olive oil, domestic salt, ginger, garlic, beet sugar, curry powder (cumin, turmeric, coriander, nutmeg) , cinnamon, paprika, red chili pepper, pepper, fenugreek, other spices), bay leaf (some contain soybeans and wheat)
[Premium curry of Hakone Seiroku Mishima vegetables]
Vegetables (potato (domestic), carrot (domestic), onion, ginger), sautéed onion, beef, animal fat, tomato ketchup, beef extract, curry powder, flour, sugar, Worcestershire sauce, salt, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment , spice extract, sweetener (licorice), fragrance, (soybeans, wheat, and apples are used as part of the raw materials)
[Fukaura snow carrot curry]
A curry made with Fukaura Snow Carrots, a special product of Fukaura Town, Aomori Prefecture. The nutrition of snow carrots is confined in everyone's favorite curry. We use 80g of large cut "Fukaura snow carrots" and carrot paste.
While enjoying the flavor of spices, I finished it with a curry that allows you to feel the gentle sweetness of snow carrots.

■ Set contents: 5-piece set
■Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■ Preservation method: Store at room temperature
Delivery method: normal temperature service
■Product number: Yset-0008 (IR-0017, YFJ-0721, PABO-0020, TMR-0009, FKUR-0585)
■ Expiration date: 4 months or more from the date of purchase