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Japanese Ramen Premium Upgrade Seafood Set - Make gourmet fish and seafood dishes

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Mix with your ramen or rice to create a gourmet dish in seconds!

This selected set of Japanese canned food combine the best selection of Japanese fish and seafood in a ready to eat dish that will delight your senses. Enjoy them in a bowl of ramen, on top of plain rice roll them in Japanese seaweed for instant sushi!

Oyster Boiled in Shoyu (Soy sauce)
This dish has manage to pack the umami of oysters from the Hyogo area, famous for its seafood and the simmered in a special Murotsu soy sauce recipe.

Kamaboko Ajillo
The very firstly made canned kamaboko. Kamaboko is made from the finest pollak, which is filleted, pounded into paste, mixed with condiments.
Yuzu, a citrus fruit, is kneaded into the kamaboko, and finished with Japanese-style ajillo with pepper and olive oil.

Mackerel Boiled
Enjoy the savory delight of tender mackerel, gently simmered until its flesh is soft and succulent, including the delicate bones that add a unique texture. The resulting broth is a flavorful elixir, perfect for enhancing a myriad of culinary creations. Canned mackerel offers a convenient source of essential nutrients like DHA, EPA, and vitamin D, ensuring a nourishing addition to any meal. 

Anago (conger eel) Smoked

Indulge in the exquisite taste of carefully smoked large conger eel sourced from Shimane Prefecture. Using the finest smoked wood, this culinary delicacy offers a rich and concentrated flavor that tantalizes the palate. Each bite promises a unique experience, marrying the distinct essence of the eel with the subtle smokiness, creating a symphony of flavors that lingers long after the last bite.

※Please check the full ingredients list in the Product Details below for allergies.

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Product Details


[Oyster boiled in soy sauce]
Ingredients: Oysters (from Murotsu), soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), sugar, mirin, sake, ginger
[can Sasa Kamaboko ajillo]
Sasakamaboko (domestic production (fish meat, egg white, starch, etc.)), edible olive oil, Mushrooms, edible flavor oils (edible soybean oil, edible rice bran oil, garlic), garlic, chili peppers/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), VC, citric acid (contains eggs and soybeans in part)
[Mackarel boiled]
Mackerel, salt
[Conger eel smoked]
Conger eel (produced in Shimane Prefecture), salt, sugar
*This product manufacturing factory manufactures products containing mackerel.

■ Set contents: 4 pieces set
■ Country of origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
■ Storage method: Store at room temperature
■ Delivery method: Ship by normal temperature mail
■ Product number: Yset-0019
■ Expiration date: 4 months or more from the date of purchase