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Easy Japanese recipe Omelet breakfast (dashi roll)

Easy Japanese recipe Omelet breakfast (dashi roll)

We have the very first Japanese omelet in a can! this is a brand new product, the very first of its kind.

This is a very traditional Japanese food ready to be eaten out of the can, cant get more convenient than that!

I was surprised when I opened the rolled eggs can! Includes 4 slices and the texture of the omelet was quite firm. Just add your favorite meat or vegetables to make a very healthy and nutritious dish.

I have it most days for breakfast with rice, its very healthy, easy to digest and gives plenty of energy to start the day! 

*For 1-2 people
1 Canned dashi roll (check it here)
1 asparagus (can be substituted with any vegetable of your liking)
 Ham 100 grms

▼How to make▼
Just heat a pan, add a bit of oil to avoid sticking and heat the egg slices with the asparagus and the ham. 😋 

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