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Hamburger steak gratin

Hamburger steak gratin

This gratin uses Matsuzaka beef stewed hamburg. Its tomato sauce flavor goes very well with cheese!

 It can be cooked in under 10 minutes and its very easy to make, just combine the ingredients and heat!

*For 1-2 people
Matsuzaka beef hamburg (check it here)
Mushrooms, or vegetables of your choice
Fresh cream or full fat milk
Cheese (any melting cheese)
Parsley, salt and pepper 

 ▼How to make▼
Sauté the mushrooms and olive oil in a frying pan.
Add salt and pepper and consommé and stir-fry When it becomes soft, add butter .
Add the flour and mix. Add the fresh cream in several batches to make the sauce.
Put the warmed canned food in a heat-resistant container and pour the white sauce over it. 
Add the cheese on top and heat in the toaster or oven for 5 minutes.
Sprinkle with parsley at the end and enjoy!😋 

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